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Arctic Ni offer a full range of medical, laboratory and Pharmacy Refrigeration Chillers and Freezers for storage of medical drugs, vaccines etc.

Arctic offer a wide range of Pharmacy Drawer system fridges. in a range of sizes for different uses.

Our Drawer systems and dividers help maintain an organised and tidy fridge as well as aid stock rotation. Made from aluminium, the drawers are light yet durable. They allow for maximum storage capacity and give easy access to drugs stored at the back of the fridge.

Available in 2 sizes with either a solid or glass door.

Pharmaceutical stock must be stored correctly, especially in relation to those medicines which require storage at low temperatures. The royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB) requires the following guidance to be complied with relating to storage of medicines at low temperatures.

The Lec Medical Pharmacy refrigerators maintain an internal temperature between +2 and +8 deg C and the external digital temperature controller continuously monitors the minimum and maximum temperatures.

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These are discontinued items – new range updated soon
Available up to 2 to 3 Weeks
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