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The CD35P is robust and reliable complete with built in Condensate Pump , its the answer to a real market need. After builders, private customers are your largest dehumidifier market. Burst pipes, leaking roofs, flooded washing machines, river floods and severe condensation can all have disastrous consequences if not treated quickly. The Ebac CD35P machine offers guaranteed drying performance.

The CD35P not only are they quiet, reliable, portable and economical, they’re also built to withstand daily use and transportation from a constant stream of use.

The CD35P is light and compact enough to be lifted and carried with ease. They require no installation just position the unit where it’s needed, plug in, switch on and leave it to get on with the job.

CD35P Dehumidifier has the power to extract up to 10lts of water in a single day. Yet, because they use energy efficient heat pump technology, running costs are very low, costing no more than a TV. A variable humidistat allows the customer to select the preferred level of dryness and minimize running costs.


  • Model : CD35P (P for fitted pump)
  • Effective for room volumes approx 100 m3
  • Approx Extraction : 10 litres/day 
  • Dimensions – (h x w x d) 550mm x 345mm x 350mm
  • Weight: 26kg
  • CD35P model complete with fitted condensate/water removal pump
  • On/Off Control Via Humdistat
  • Carrying Handles
  • Hot Gas Defrost
  • Electronic Defrost Timer
  • Refrigerant Type-R134aFree Standing
  • Integral Condensate Pump
  • Moulded Mains Plug

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