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Safety inside a laboratory is fundamental so when choosing a laboratory fridge or freezer spark-free is the safest option. By removing the fan and internal light this eliminates the risk of explosion within the interior.
Lec Fridges are some of the most efficient products on the market using both efficient refrigerants and high Spec insulation to help reduce the energy cost to customer.

Specification & Features


  • Laboratory Refrigeration Freezer Model No LSFSF107UK
  • Dimensions – (w x d x h)  495mm x 622mm x 830mm
  • Weight- 26 kg
  • Capacity: 107 ltr


  • -18C to -20°C set temperature – Perfect for short term sample storage when space it at a premium
  • External digital controller accurate to 0.1°C – For precise temperature readings without having to open the door, so preventing unnecessary temperature fluctuations within the freezer
  • Lock and two keys – For improved safety, accountability and security over domestic refrigeration, a lockable fridge helps prevent unauthorised access to valuable and dangerous contents
  • Spark-free – There is nothing electrical inside the freezer so it is safe to store reactive substances without the risk of explosion
  • Audible and visual high and low temperature alarms – To alert anybody nearby as soon as the temperature begins to go too high or low, so that action can be taken to rectify the problem and prevent damage to the contents
  • R600a refrigerant – Environmentally friendly refrigerant with a reduced level of carbon dioxide given off, reduces running costs by reducing how hard the compressor has to work to keep the freezer cool
  • Reversible door – For maximum versatility in sometimes limited working spaces
  • Roller castors – To make the Freezer easier to move for cleaning and maintenance
  • Open door alarm – To prevent spoilage from raised internal temperature and illicit entry if the door is left open
  • Anti microbial handle – To help prevent the spread of bacteria and infection
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