Temperature Mapping Services

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Temperature Mapping Services 

All Temperature controlled storage equipment , fridges , freezers etc. should be Temperature Mapped Annuallyaccording to MHRA  / HPRA and CPA Recommendations. 

The purpose of Temperature Mapping is to identify any hot spots within your product storage facilites , to know how internal temperature is affected by climatic changes and to better manage the storage of your products.

We urge all Pharmacies, Practices, Hospitals and Laboratories to invest in Our Temperature Mapping Services which will show if your medical refrigerators and storage solutions are working to the optimun temperatures, ensuring the safety of the drugs and vaccines being stored.

We offer various options on Temperature Mapping from Single Point Mapping to Multiple Point Mapping designed to meet each Customers specific requirements;

Example: On a Single Pharmacy Fridge @ £ 175.00 nett + v.a.t 
(discount on this price for mutiple on site fridges / freezers)

  • 3 Point Temperature Mapping  
  • MHRA / HPRA Recommendations
  • High Accuracy Mapping Equipment
  • Comprehensive Report with Recommendations
  • Applies to All Fridge and Freezer appliance , whatever the make & model  

Please Give us a buzz for further details and we can discuss your exact requirements
CALL – 00442830257040 or email us to : Shop@ArcticNi.co.uk 

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