Commercial Dehumidifier : BD150-110V/240V

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Arctic’s range of building dryers come in the form of the BD150. Air is drawn into the dehumidifier by means of a fan. The moisture is then condensed from the air and piped away or collected in a container. The dry air is heated with the energy recovered during the drying phase and returned to the room.  EIP Ltd has supplied building dryers to plant hire shops for over thirty years: if you have a building dryer it is probably an EIP Ltd from Europe’s leading manufacturer.

All units operate economically even on the coldest winter day – and where dampness is really severe, up toa maximum 30 litres of water can be extracted from the atmosphere in just 24 hours using the BD150.

To dry out any building you need only to check that all doors and windows are closed, wheel the unit to a convenient location, connect to the supply and press the start button. Drainage of condensate from the machine is equally simple – either by connecting a hose to the drainage spout or leading it to a drain, or by placing a container under the spout.


  • Model : BD150 (110/240 Volts)
  • Effective for room volumes approx 300 m3
  • Approx Extraction : 30 litres/day 
  • Dimensions – (h x w x d) 915mm x 610mm x 692mm
  • Weight: 80kg
  • Dual Voltage 110 or 240 Volts
  • On/Off Control Via Switch
  • Push Button Start
  • Revers Ctycle Defrost
  • Electronic Defrost Timer
  • Refrigerant Type-R134A
  • Large Diameter Wheels
  • Refrigerant Type
  • Free Standing
  • Gravity Drain
  • Cable Wrap

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